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Saint Vrain Archers and Bowhunters Association (SVBA) Longmont, Colorado, is a Colorado non-profit corporation. The corporation address is:

Dr. Roger Trudell
C/o Longmont Archery Club
412 Main Street
Longmont, CO 80501 \

The general mailing address is that of the current president or secretary of the SVBA. The fiscal year of this corporation shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31, of each year.


The purpose of Saint Vrain Archers and Bowhunters Association (SVBA) are as follows:

  1. To foster, expand and perpetuate the sports of archery and bowhunting and to promote their education.
  2. To develop the spirit of good fellowship among all archers and bowhunters.
  3. To encourage the use of all bows which are hand drawn, with the string and arrow hand held and hand released (or with legal hand held mechanical release aids) for hunting legal game.
  4. To cooperate with the Colorado Bowhunters Association, the National Field Archery Association, and other groups and associations, which have goals parallel to those of SVBA with regards to archery and bowhunting.
  5. To cooperated with various conservation groups, including the Colorado Division of Wildlife, in the conservation of our natural resources.


  1. Active membership shall be granted to anyone, eighteen years of age or older *, of good moral character and sportsmanship, upon payment of an initiation fee and appropriate yearly dues. Members are required to volunteer one day per year to SVBA functions to be in good standing or pay the non-working fee. * An individual meeting the described criteria under the age of eighteen years but older than age 16, will be will be granted membership upon the receipt of with written permission of the parents or guardians.
  2. Three classes of membership exist:
    1. Individual
    2. Couple
    3. Family
  3. Any member in good standing shall be eligible to vote on all subjects brought before the general membership.
  4. Each member must sign an insurance Waver/Release Form. All members bringing guests to the range, must have the guest sign a release form. Failure to do so will be grounds for immediate termination of membership
  5. Each member, upon acceptance of application to the SVBA, will receive a copy of these by-laws, and a copy of the Range Rules and Safety Regulations regarding member conduct and responsibilities.
  6. The Officers of SVBA may suspend or expel any member for conduct detrimental to the interests of SVBA, archery, or bowhunting. Reasons for this may include (but not limited to) are: theft of SVBA property.


  1. The officers of the SVBA shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and a Treasurer. The perform the duties incident to the office including the keeping and maintenance of all major records, contracts, and documents.
  2. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President if he/she is unable to act, shall be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the range and the coordination and operations of any indoor leagues that may be conducted by the SVBA, and shall attend all meetings.
  3. Secretary: The Secretary shall keep all general records of the SVBA, shall serve notice of meetings, conduct correspondence, keep the minutes and make reports as required by the office, publish and edit any club newsletters, and attend all meetings. publish and edit any club newsletters, and attend all meetings.
  4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive all moneys for SVBA, keep accurate records of income and expenses, be in charge of moneys collected at and for all SVBA events, and shall prepare an annual report and budget for the forthcoming year for the SVBA annual January meeting, and attend all meetings

Election of Officers

  1. Any active member in good standing shall be eligible to hold an office.
  2. Officers will be nominated and elected by written ballots received from the attending voting membership, at an annual election held during the regular meeting in January or February of each year.

Vacancies of Officers

If there is a vacancy by the President, the Vice-President shall assume the President’s role. If there is a vacancy of any other officer, the president will appoint a new officer within six weeks.


  1. SVBA will have an annual business meeting in January or February of each year to elect officers, to


  1. All new members are required to pay an Initiation Fee of $40.
  2. Yearly dues will be based on the calendar year, no prorating of dues is allowed. Yearly dues will be as
    1. Single ($25)
    2. Couple ($30)
    3. Family ($35) These dues will payable to the treasurer by March 1st of each new year. If dues are not paid by this time, the membership will be suspended and a new initiation fee will be required to join SVBA.
  3. Members are expected to donate eight (8) working hours a year to range maintenance, SVBA functions or events. Members who do not donate this time will be classified as Non-Working Members. Non-Working Members will be accessed an extra $50 in dues the following year.
  4. The officers have the authority to make special rulings of dues payable for memberships if requested in writing by a member. Exceptions can be made by the officers for special reasons such as:
    • Members joining after October 1 in the year, may have their dues reduced.
    • Members who donate equipment, targets or money may have dues waived.
    • Non-working fees may be modified for special reasons.
    • Other exceptional cases as agreed by the officers.
  5. Yearly Range Pass Cards will be issued annually and must be carried visibly at all times on the range. Replacement of Range Pass Cards will be charged at $10 per card.


A quorum for voting shall constitute a minimum of twelve members present (two votes maximum per family).


These Bylaws may be amended by two thirds (2/3) majority of a meeting quorum. Proposed By-Law changes can be made at the annual meeting or by special vote for that purpose.

Voting on Bylaws amendments or other club matters, may also be conducted by email communication. If internet voting is carried out, votes will be directly submitted to the Secretary or a designee. Email voting will give each member at least one week (seven days) to respond and would require two thirds (2/3) majority of the votes returned. A minimum total of twenty email votes (for or against) would need to be cast for an amendment to pass. Printouts from the returned emails will be printed for verification purposes. Proposed By-Law changes will be sent to the membership one month (30 days) prior to the proposed vote by mail or electronic means


  1. SVBA, Inc., accepts no responsibility for personal injury or for financial responsibility of their members.
  2. All members accept their own responsibility for their own actions.
  3. Any member shooting with a guest will be responsible for all damages incurred by the guest.
  4. SVBA, Inc., will maintain a general insurance policy of at least $1,000,000 at all times.


The accepted rules of order, not stated within these By-laws, will be Robert’s Rules of Order – Revised.

Updated 1/12/2005


  1. Remember that safety is the foremost consideration by all users.
  2. Remember at all times that a bow and arrow is a deadly weapon that is as dangerous as a gun in the hands of an irresponsible person.
  3. Never release an arrow when you cannot see where it will land. Never shoot an arrow straight up. Make sure the target is clear before you shoot. KNOW YOUR TARGET AND BEYOND!
  4. Always point your arrow tip in a safe direction. POINT YOUR ARROW IN A SAFE DIRECTION!
  5. Never shoot when another person is in front or to the front and side of you. Never shoot towards anyone holding a target or allow someone to hold a target at which you shoot.
  6. Never brace or draw another archer’s bow without their permission.
  7. Never shoot a broken arrow. Please inspect each arrow carefully as it is retrieved. Remember that most archery accidents are self-inflicted.
  8. When shooting on the practice range, never draw your arrow or shoot before the range captain’s order of “ALL CLEAR”.
  9. Upon completion of shooting on the practice range, always wait for the range captain’s order of “SAFE TO RETIREVE YOUR ARROWS” before going forward of the shooting line.
  10. If there is no range captain or SVABA officer at the practice line, the oldest member shooter present will assume the roll of range captain at the practice range.
  11. Never dry fire your bow or shoot without an arrow on the bow.
  12. You must follow instructions of the range officers (they will be wearing a special orange vest). All unsafe or disruptive action on the range will not be tolerated and will be corrected immediately by the range officer. Uncooperative use will be asked to leave the range immediately. Unsafe members will loose their membership status and the police may be called for unsafe behavior.
  13. You must be at least 16 years old to shoot at the range alone. All children must be accompanied by a supervising adult.


  1. A Range Pass Card must be worn and be visibly carried at all times when on the range.
  2. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the range.
  3. No pets are allowed on the range.
  4. No broadheads are allowed on the range except on the Broadhead practice area.
  5. No crossbows are allowed on the range.
  6. Guests are allowed to visit the outdoor range one time only before joining the club. GUESTS MUST SIGN AN INSURANCE WAIVER! THIS IS A MUST! An active club member must accompany guests. Guests or prospective members cannot shoot the range by themselves.
  7. Always be sure the target field is clear before shooting.
  8. Always leave your bow in front of the target while looking for arrows or have a member watch for other shooters.
  9. Never cut across the archery field. Stay on the designated paths at all times and walk in the direction that the targets are marked.
  10. Never remain at a target longer than necessary, move on to the next shooting position.
  11. Carry out all broken arrows, personal trash, and personal items from the course.
  12. Lost arrows, which are “found”, should be brought to the designated area near the sign in area so they can be retrieved by the owner at a later time.
  13. Slow shooters or large shooting groups must allow faster shooters/groups to pass through. Both parties should do so courteously. No more than six shooters may be in one group and only if this group does not slow down shooters behind.
  14. When entering and leaving the range you must stay on the designated entry road.
  15. Leave the main gate as you find it. If it is open, leave it open. If it is locked, lock it. The range gate should remain locked at all times.
  16. Do not give the lock combination to anyone. This combination may be several times per year.
  17. Hunting or shooting at wildlife on the property is strictly forbidden.
  18. There is NO SMOKING allowed on the range.
  19. Report rule and safety violations to an officer for appropriate action.
  20. The City of Longmont does occasional inspections of the landfill site that last for 4-6 hours. The range will be closed during these inspections. A sign will be posted and no shooting will be allowed!

Updated 3/25/03